What is Carmel Maliki’s opinion? This is always the first question that comes to your mind when you hear this word. There are many definitions of branding and each one can give you a new meaning which can be confusing as a result. But what is branding really? A few decades ago, branding was used as a name, slogan, symbol or design that introduced the products or services of a company. Brand was a word that differentiates products or services from competitors. Today, branding has become more complicated than before, and therefore it has become especially important in marketing

If we want to make the definition of branding more complete than before, it can be said like this. In branding, it means a mental image in the customer with your services and products after hearing the name of your factory or business, which includes logo, slogan, color, etc

?What should a branding do

Branding can not only know your target market to choose your competitors but also help you to be the only provider of solutions to specific problems in that area.

?What are the goals of branding

Create a clear message
Verify your credit
Connecting with your audience through products and services
Stimulate people to buy
Creating loyal users and customers